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Learn Portuguese with a Brazilian tutor and receive personalized language lessons tailored to your needs. Our teacher will provide real time feedback and support on all aspects of language learning, from grammar to pronunciation. Learn at a pace and at a time that suit your schedule.

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Meet our Teachers:

Suzanne Martins-Pierre

Suzanne Martins-Pierre has a B.A. in Theater Arts from the Paraná University of Arts (Brazil), and a Certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy from the San Diego University for Integrative Studies (USA). Her teaching journey started 12 years ago in Brazil. From Theater, Dance, English as a second language (ESL Program) to Portuguese, the experience of teaching made her realize how much she loved not only the art of sharing knowledge, but also the beauty of seeing other people’s growth through it. After her experience living abroad, she understood that the process of learning a new language is less about grammar and its rules but more about daily experiences and challenges. Her methodology of teaching includes aesthetic exercises, article reading, music, games and more, to make the path of language comprehension more fluid, easy, fun and effective.

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