Private English Lessons (1:1)_ Part-time Option (2 x per week)



Our part-time solution is open to all levels and is ideal for those who either need to achieve their goals in a short amount of time or need to receive specific language training. Learn with a native English teacher who will motivate you with fun and interactive lessons.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with The Languages Corner ( to receive an evaluation of your level (if you already speak the language) and a general overview of what you will be learning.

Cost:   Pay $29 per lesson (x2 per week) for one month. At the end of the month you can decide whether to stop or continue with the lessons. If you buy two or more consecutive months, a discount will apply.

What’s included?

  • Two hours of personalized instruction (1:1) per week with a native British or American teacher
  • Tailored homework and feedback
  • A customized program that is based on your language needs and goals
  • Material provided by the teacher
  • Pay month by month or buy two or more consecutive months (a discount will apply)
  • Complimentary consultation with the teacher with no obligation prior to starting your lessons (we recommend doing this before purchasing this learning option). Book your consultation here . Please indicate in your message a couple of days and times in your time zone when you are available to meet the instructor.
  • Free level assessment

How will you learn?

Although the content of the lessons depends on your level and goals, we can guarantee that you will be taught according to modern methodologies with fun and interactive lessons. The teacher will provide the material and resources in advance so you know what to expect in each lesson. In addition, she will send you homework and weekly feedback on your progress.

How will you benefit from this learning solution?

This part-time option is perfect for those who have just about the right amount of time to dedicate to learning English. The two weekly meetings with the native speaker will help you achieve high language standards faster and retain what you learned, because not much time elapses between lessons. This is the most popular option for learning English and, if you wish, you can also customize it according to your needs (e.g. one grammar lesson and one conversation session).