Private Russian Lessons (1:1) _ Intensive Option (3 x per week)


This option is suitable for those who can truly commit to learning, have clear objectives in mind and want to reach their goals in a short amount of time. It is ideal for beginners and for preparing learners for specific language training. Please contact  for more information and to schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our teachers.

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Whether you want to learn Russian in the shortest possible time or prepare for specific training, this online option can help you achieve your goals. Our expert, highly qualified teacher offers engaging and interactive lessons where you will gain the confidence to use the language in the situations that matter to you. This learning option is open to all levels. Schedule a complimentary consultation with the teacher to find out what your level is (if you already speak the language), talk about your language goals and meet the instructor.

Cost: Pay $27 per lesson (x3 per week) for one month. At the end of the month, you can choose whether to continue or stop your lessons. If you buy two or more consecutive months, a discount will apply.

What’s included?

  • Three hours of personalized instruction (1:1) per week with a native Russian teacher
  • Tailored homework and feedback
  • A customized program that is based on your language needs and goals
  • Material provided by the teacher
  • Pay month by month or buy two or more consecutive months (a discount will apply)
  • Complimentary consultation with the teacher with no obligation prior to starting (recommended before starting your lessons)
  • Free level assessment

How will you be taught?

Every lesson will be different from the previous one. This will allow you to experience in-depth learning, be exposed to various aspects of the language and have fun while learning Russian. The teacher will use digital material and resources, which you will receive in advance via e-mail and assign homework at the end of each lesson, which she will correct and send you feedback on. Some lessons will include audio texts to improve your comprehension and listening skills, whereas others will have reading material and conversation to practice what you learned.  If you wish, you can also mix your lessons in a way that is beneficial to you. For example, one lesson can be about speaking, one can focus on grammar points and another on a mix of all the abilities. It’s up to you!