Anyone, anywhere can learn a language

The Languages Corner is an online American language teaching company registered in Spring Branch (Texas) with an international heart. It was born in September 2020 to serve the language needs of the US and NATO military communities in Naples (Italy) and in the United States during the Covid-19 pandemic. It originally provided Italian and English language classes. During the pandemic, it expanded to more languages and increased the number of professional teachers. The Languages Corner today offers bespoke online regular and tailored courses taught by native instructors around the world. 

What do we offer?

Online language courses for absolute beginners up to advanced speakers, our online lessons are taught by professional mother tongue teachers and adapted to your specific needs.

Professional Proofreading Services

Additional Services

If you want your business documents checked by a native English or Italian professional teacher, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer a prompt and bespoke service at a very reasonable price. We carefully revise the grammar, spelling, style and punctuation of your documents, and make the necessary changes to ensure that your material is correct and concise.