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Noreen Akram Rathore

Dr. Noreen Akram Rathore is a Pakistani attorney, human rights activist, and writer. She graduated and mastered in Political Science from Punjab University, Pakistan. Ms. Rathore has a PhD. h.c.  in International Law From USA. Dr. Noreen Akram went on to establish herself as a leading figure in human rights. She is spending her career defending women’s rights, rights of minorities, rights of children, etc. She is also working with different international organizations such as HRA (Human Rights Activist). During her work in the field of HRA (Human Rights Activist), she earned her many international awards and achievement certificates from different countries. She is a freelance writer, a blogger and, has a creative mind, and loves to read literature and history.
Dr. Noreen Akram Rathore is widely travelled in Europe, namely Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Austria Switzerland, Spain, Turkey, Portugal. She participated in international conferences / seminars / trainings and workshop events on gender equality, poverty reduction, child rights, violence against women and men, community development, refugee’s rights, women’s rights, sustainable development and human rights sessions at the United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.