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Quando si tratta di imparare una nuova lingua, hai bisogno degli strumenti migliori per portarti lì. Guardare video e giocare con le app linguistiche sul telefono può solo portarti così lontano. Se vuoi fare progressi reali, hai bisogno di una vera esperienza di apprendimento. L'angolo delle lingue ti copre!

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Meet our english Teachers:

Meredy Freeman

GREETINGS! My name is Meredy Freeman and my nickname is Dee. I was born in London where I studied and went to university and left with a degree in Business. I have lived in Naples for the last 13 years, but have lived in the USA, Germany and Scotland. I love to travel and enjoy experiencing different cultures. I love house music, the beach and the mountains. I have been teaching English for over seven years and enjoy my job. I have a very positive attitude and try and make the most out of each day.

Samantha Sanabria

Hello future student! I’m Samantha, and I’m happy to be your next English teacher. I am from New York and Florida - two very different worlds! I currently live in sunny Florida with my husband. For fun, I like to read, crochet, and go to the beach. I have a master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and a bachelor’s degree in English. I have taught English in South Korea, Germany, and the United States for about 7 years. In the classroom, I am patient and welcoming. I use activities that are fun and engaging. They also involve real-world English, so you don’t have to worry about boring lessons. I believe that together, we can help achieve your English goals.

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I am interested in an English course. What do you offer?

We mostly offer private lessons, where it is just you and the teacher, and private
group lessons, where you can learn with a family member (adult) or a friend,
provided that you both have the same level.
The teacher will evaluate your level during a complimentary consultation (about
10-15 min.) and, based on that, go over the program you need to cover in order
to reach your language goals (the program will be tailored according to your
needs). Our courses are divided in beginner lessons (A1 and A2), intermediate (B1
and B2) and advanced (C1 and C2). Please refer to the Common European
Framework of Reference for Languages.

How long should I study English online?

We believe the longer you are able to study, the better. Most students can expect
to develop moderate fluency in 2-5 months depending on several factors
(personal motivation and application, number of lessons). If you need to learn
English in a very short time, we can offer an intensive program.

What are the lesson prices?

The prices vary according to your frequency (your class, your pace!).
For lessons 1 x per week, here is the cost.
For lessons 2 x per week, here is the cost.
For lessons 3 x per week, here is the cost.
The above prices apply to each lesson and the total cost of your lessons is
calculated monthly. For example, if you decide to take lessons once a week on
Tuesdays, we calculate how many Tuesdays there are in a given month, starting
from the day you begin your lessons. If you purchase more than one consecutive
month, a small discount applies.

It’s also possible to purchase an entire level. In this case, we calculate the cost for
you and apply a discount on the total.

Who is the teacher?

Our teachers are native speakers (British or American) and have years of teaching
experience. Before starting a course, we offer a complimentary consultation with
the teacher. This is a great way to get to know the instructor, learn about the
program and ask questions.

What happens if I cancel a lesson or I am not there for one or more lessons?

We allow lesson rescheduling (twice a month) if the cancelation happens 24 hours
prior to the lesson. In this case, no charges apply. However, you must reschedule
the missed lesson within 10 days from your cancelation or the lesson will be
considered lost. If you cancel a lesson after the 24-hour notice period, the lesson
will be considered lost. However, you will still receive the homework (and its
correction) and your lesson material.

What’s included?

Material and homework.

What computer equipment will I need for online lessons?

You will need a desktop computer or laptop with a microphone, a webcam and
Internet access.

Can I use a smartphone for live online lessons?

experience is best when you use a desktop computer or a laptop (the teacher will
teach you by sharing her screen and presenting the lesson material).