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Quando si tratta di imparare una nuova lingua, hai bisogno degli strumenti migliori per portarti lì. Guardare video e giocare con le app linguistiche sul telefono può solo portarti così lontano. Se vuoi fare progressi reali, hai bisogno di una vera esperienza di apprendimento. L'angolo delle lingue ti copre!

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Meet our Teachers:

Camilla Victoria Leigh Walton 

Expertise: General English, Business English, Conversation.

Camilla is a native English Language Teacher from the UK who is dedicated to helping students develop the four core skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking in her online lessons. These can be tailor made to suit you and fit around your busy schedule. Camilla has a MA (Hons) History of Art Degree from Edinburgh University and is passionate about gardens & planting design in her spare time. Camilla first moved from the UK to live in Italy in 2016 where she learned to teach English as a Foreign Language in Rome. Since then she has coached students of all ages, nationalities and abilities, recently going online to offer personalized English language tuition.

Helen Hunt

Hi! I'm Helen, and I'm a native English teacher from the UK. I've been an English as an Additional Language teacher since 2007 when I re-trained and started working at a language academy in Japan. I intended to go to Japan and stay for a year, but I loved it so much that I extended my contract and stayed for two. I'm qualified to teach English as an Additional Language and to teach English Language and Literature in high schools in the UK. I absolutely love my job! I've worked with very young learners in mother-and-toddler classes, with retired people who were learning English just for fun, and every age group in between, and I've also taught business classes; you're never too old - or too young!

I've lived in Japan, Spain, Germany, and Italy (so far!) as well as the UK, and I've had to learn all those languages (some more than others) so I understand how difficult language learning can be - especially for adults. I aim to make my lessons a place where learners feel comfortable taking risks, making mistakes, and using the language as much as possible in real situations. I enjoy traveling, reading, cooking, yoga, and - of course - learning languages. The world is a big place, and I want to experience as much of it as I can!

Meredy Freeman

GREETINGS! My name is Meredy Freeman and my nickname is Dee. I was born in London where I studied and went to university and left with a degree in Business. I have lived in Naples for the last 13 years, but have lived in the USA, Germany and Scotland. I love to travel and enjoy experiencing different cultures. I love house music, the beach and the mountains. I have been teaching English for over seven years and enjoy my job. I have a very positive attitude and try and make the most out of each day.

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