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Whatever plans you may have for the future, knowledge of German will increase your private life and work experience opportunities. German is a widely spoken language in Europe and it is often used for business purposes. Our teachers are experienced in delivering adult, business, test preparation and children's courses. With us you can learn at a fraction of the cost than other private schools and still earn the skills you need to succeed as a German learner.

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Meet our Teachers:

Constanze Gottwald

Uè! My name is Constanze Gottwald and I teach German as a native speaker in Naples, where you say uè when you meet - it means hello, a sound that seems to come directly out of the belly.  Starting from the belly to get closer to a language or involving the body memory by physical expression helps a lot to learn a language, in my opinion. I’ve got a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Education and a certificate of my apprenticeship as Voice Speech and Breathing Therapist. Furthermore I’m working as examiner for all German levels at the Goethe Institut since 2015. Naturally I’m teaching Italian, too, because I have been living in Italy for a long time. Thanks to this mix of professions I love combining language learning in a creative way. Curious?

Eva Nuessle Althoff

Guten Tag, my name is Eva. I live in the south of Germany with my husband and our three children. I am a State Certified Translator for English and German and have a PhD in Egyptology. I started teaching German as a second language to expats living in Germany in 2018, and after Covid hit, I began giving lessons online to Chinese College students. For me, teaching German is not only about grammar and vocabulary – it is also about the culture, the history, the people and looking beyond the clichés of Sauerkraut and Oktoberfest. It is my goal to find the best way to learn German for each individual student according to their inclinations and abilities.

How to learn German

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