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Learn Spanish with a professional native teacher in an enjoyable and fun atmosphere. The quality of our lessons is the same of large and expensive schools...just at a better price. Whether you are learning Spanish to study, work abroad, or want an entrance to the foreign language, our online Spanish classes will help you progress towards your goals. We offer 1:1, intensive, semi-intensive, evening and D.E.L.E preparation courses.

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Inma Gil De La Plaza

Hola! My name is Inmaculada Gil and I’m a native Spanish teacher in Naples, where I have lived for 1 year. I have a Degree in Chemistry and, in the past, I taught science. Learning a language can be fun. I am eager to share my knowledge, grammar structures, conversation, reading, games, and music with you. I look forward to teaching you easily, effectively and in an enjoyable way.

Hola! Me llamo Inmaculada Gil y estoy enseñando español como hablante nativa en Nápoles, donde vivo hace 1 año. Soy Licenciada en Química e impartí clases de ciencias. Aprender un idioma es una aventura divertida. Me gustaría compartir contigo mis conocimientos, gramática, conversación, lectura, juegos, música y hacer que el idioma sea fácil, divertido y efectivo.

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