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French is the language of love, art, architecture, theatre, fashion and haute cuisine. It is one of the most popular European languages to learn, which is also widely spoken across 29 countries. Our courses are delivered by native professional French instructors who bring a rich cultural experience to the class. Choose from standard French, intensive, one-to-one, and exam preparation for DELF, DALF and TCF. With a range of courses from beginner to experienced levels, you will be able to find the option that suits you the best.

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Meet our French Teachers:

Marie-Jeanne Brunetto

Salut! Je m'appelle Marie-Jeanne,  je suis née en France mais mes parents sont italiens. Je suis diplômée en Lettres Modernes de l'Université de la Sorbonne à Paris et j'ai un Master en FLE (Français Langue Etrangère) de l'Université d'Artois. Mon expérience d'enseignement a commencé aux Emirats Arabes Unis avec des groupes de nationalités et de niveaux différents. De retour en France, j'ai enseigné dans un collège et dans un centre de formation des apprentis (CFA). Plus tard, une fois installée en Italie, j'ai commencé à enseigner l'italien aux personnels de l'OTAN et à leurs familles, aussi bien des cours collectifs que des cours particuliers. Grâce à mes plusieurs années d'expérience en tant que professeur de langues française et italienne, j'ai perfectionné mes compétences pédagogiques et mon sens du contact humain pour permettre aux étudiants d'apprendre la langue sous différentes nuances et selon leurs besoins.

Salut! I am Marie-Jeanne and I was born in France to Italian parents. I graduated in Modern Literature at the Sorbonne University in Paris and I have a Master’s Degree in FLE (Français Langue Etrangère) from the University of Artois. My teaching experience began in the United Arab Emirates with groups of different nationalities and levels. Once I returned to France, I taught in a boarding school and in a Training Center for Interns (CFA). Later, once I moved to Italy, I started teaching Italian to the NATO personnel and their families, both through group courses and individual lessons. Thanks to my several years of experience as a teacher of French and Italian languages, I have perfected my teaching skills and my sense of human contact to allow students to learn the language under different shades and according to their needs.

How to learn french?

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Why should I learn French?

France is one of the leading tourist destinations in world, but this is not the only reason why you should learn the language. French is the only language other than English spoken on five continents and the second most frequently taught one in the world after English. Knowledge of French will get you a head start on learning other Romance
languages, as well as the ability to easily communicate with locals when you travel.

What can I expect from the online classes?

Our online lessons are led by a qualified native French teacher who shares learning material and interacts with the student through the Google Meet platform. The teacher facilitates lessons with conversation, exercises, and digital material taken from up-to-date books and online resources. This material is carefully selected by our instructor: It is based on the student’s language level (we follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – A1-C2 levels) and customized according to the learner’s need (e.g. grammar and conversation, French for travelling, for living in France, for passing an exam, etc.). As part of the course, the student will have access to this material in advance via e-mail and receive personalized weekly homework with the teacher’s feedback.

Benefits of online classes

 Learn at your own pace with a native teacher and from the comfort of your home
 Skip the commute and focus on your learning (no stress!)
 A personalized program based on your goals (French for traveling, leisure, living in France, to pass an exam, etc.)
 Personalized feedback from a native teacher
 Flexible lesson schedule based on your needs
 Begin 1:1 lessons anytime of the year

How do I book a course?

Get in touch with The Languages Corner for a complimentary consultation with the teacher (no obligation). During this chat (about 10-15 minutes), you will get your level evaluated (if you already speak the language), talk about your objectives, set a personalized course program, discuss your preferred lesson days and times, and meet our teacher. If after the meeting you are ready to buy some lessons, go to our French language page and decide on which course to buy. These are divided according to lesson frequency. The more lessons you take during the week, the cheaper is the cost of the lesson.

What happens once I buy lessons on the website?

 You will receive an e-mail with a payment confirmation, as well as a complimentary consultation with the teacher (we recommend booking this before you buy your lessons).
 The teacher will reach out to you, introduce herself and propose a couple of days and times for your lessons, which can also be modified according to your schedule.
 Once you confirm your availability, she will send you the link for your first lesson.