Conversational Italian Course (evenings)



Dive into the vibrant world of Italian language and culture with our online essential Conversational Italian course taught by a native Italian teacher. Designed for beginners with some prior knowledge of the language, this program guides you through the basics of conversational Italian, covering everything from introductions to planning vacations in Italy. Each lesson combines practical vocabulary with interactive activities to ensure you can start communicating in Italian right away.

At the end of this course, you’ll confidently possess the skills to engage in introductory Italian conversations, skillfully handling daily interactions and cultural nuances with ease!


Information About This Course:

Number of Lessons:   8 lessons on the following days:    2-7-14-16-23-28-30 May + 2 June

Time: 18:30-19:30 a.m. (Italian time)

Platform: Skype (the link will be e-mailed to the student upon registration)

Course taught by a native Italian teacher

Material provided by the instructor

Group size: max 6 participants

Level: Suitable for learners who can formulate basic sentences in Italian (A1 level) and learners who possess an A2 level.

For any questions, please contact us.



  • Lesson 1: Introductions and Greetings

          Topic: How to introduce yourself and greet others.

          Vocabulary: Basic greetings, personal pronouns, simple verbs like “to be” and “to have.”


  • Lesson 2: Talking About Your Family/Work

          Topic: Describing your family, relationships, and the type of work you do.

          Vocabulary: Family members, marital status, professions, and descriptions.


  • Lesson 3: Everyday Activities

          Topic: Daily routines and common activities.

          Vocabulary: Daily activities, days of the week, time expressions.


  • Lesson 4: Food and Restaurants

          Topic: Ordering food, expressing preferences/dislikes.

          Vocabulary: Types of food, meals, ordering phrases.


  • Lesson 5: Shopping

         Topic: Shopping for groceries.

         Vocabulary: Colors, food items, numbers for prices.


  • Lesson 6: Getting Around

         Topic: Asking for and giving directions, using public transport.

         Vocabulary: Transportation terms, directions, places in a city.


  • Lesson 7: Vacations

          Topic: Planning vacations, discussing trips, and sharing travel experiences.

          Vocabulary: Travel-related terms, accommodation types, landscape and geographical features, transportation modes, descriptive



  • Lesson 8: Leisure and Free Time

          Topic: Talking about hobbies, pastimes, and invitations.

          Vocabulary: Common hobbies, frequency adverbs, invitation phrases.


Additional Course Features

  • Cultural Notes: Each lesson includes brief notes on cultural norms related to the topic, enriching your understanding of Italian culture.
  • Review Sessions in each lesson to strengthen your practice.
  • Progress Assessment: End of course quiz (optional) to assess the vocabulary and conversational skills acquired.
  • Certificate of participation issued at the end of the course.