French For Tourists – Learn French Online

$38.00 / Weeks For 15 Weeks


This French For Tourists course offers a linguistic and cultural full immersion, teaching you basic French vocabulary and phrases for travelers (also suitable for beginner learners who are looking for a quick way to learn French). Gain access to a private French tutor online dedicated exclusively to you. Our French language classes enable you to learn and practice basic French conversational skills through common travel situations, right from the very first lesson.


French For Tourists: What’s Included?


 – One-on-one 15 tailored French language classes of 1 hour each taught by a French tutor online

– Choose the frequency of your French language classes (once or multiple times per week)

– Choose a time that is convenient for you, in agreement with your teacher

– Material included

French For Tourists: Program

    This is what you will be learning with your French tutor online:


►   Greetings – pronunciation -alphabet

►   Numbers – time expressions – days of the week and months

►   Directions and transportation: Finding your way 

►   Hotel reservations

►   Eating at restaurants and cafes 

►   Sightseeing and leisure activities

►   Health and medical conditions

►   Loss and theft 

►   Renting a car

►   Small talk


►   Cultural insights on French customs, etiquette, and cultural dos and don’ts.

►   Practical tips on tipping, public transportation norms, local cusine, and travel hacks.


                                         Don’t just visit France – experience it with your language skills!