Private One-On-One Online Spanish Classes

$39.00 / Weeks


Improve or learn Spanish with a native teacher with these flexible lessons. This format has been designed for those who have a busy schedule but can still put aside some of their time to learn the language. It’s also suitable for reviewing old topics or focus on specific aspects of the language. Choose how many lessons you want to purchase and book your FREE consultation before starting.

What’s Included?

  1. Interactive 60-Minute Lessons: Engage in dynamic, 60-minute lessons conducted on Skype or Google Meet, expertly taught by our native Spanish instructors.
  2. Suitable for All Levels: Our program accommodates learners at any stage, from beginners to advanced.
  3. Customized Homework and Feedback: After each class, receive personalized homework and detailed feedback to enhance your learning.
  4. Comprehensive Learning Materials: All necessary materials are meticulously prepared and provided by your instructor.
  5. Tailor-Made Learning Experience: Our courses are customized to cater to your specific learning needs and goals.
  6. Free Initial Consultation: Start with a complimentary consultation to assess your current Spanish level (if applicable), discuss your language objectives, and meet your instructor. This is also the perfect opportunity to arrange your lesson schedule. Book yours today!

Course Delivery

  1. Personalized Instruction by Professional Native Teachers: Each session is led by a dedicated native Spanish teacher, focusing entirely on you. Your instructor will guide you through all facets of the language—reading, listening, speaking, writing—and even include cultural insights.
  2. Regular Homework Review and Email Feedback: Expect weekly homework assignments with subsequent corrections and feedback sent directly via email.
  3. Learn at Your Own Pace: Benefit from the flexibility to ask questions and progress according to your comfort and pace.