Best Way To Learn Italian On Your Own – Italian Classes

$32.00 / Weeks


Look no further for the best way to learn Italian on your own: your journey starts here! This self-paced Italian course is designed for independent learners, offering flexibility with your Italian classes and the added guidance of a native Italian teacher.


                                                                                What’s Included In Your Italian Classes


Enjoy four personalized lessons each month, complete with custom materials, detailed homework correction, and constructive feedback from your private Italian teacher. Our Italian classes are tailored to fit your learning pace and style, eliminating the usual stress of choosing topics or figuring out effective learning strategies. Each week, you’ll delve into new topics with materials prepared specifically for you, following a syllabus that’s uniquely yours.

Submit your homework at your convenience and receive personalized feedback from your private Italian teacher to enhance your understanding and fluency. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to improve your skills, this course is the perfect blend of personal attention and flexibility.


                                                                     Here’s What You Will Get With Your Italian Classes:


                                                                                                 Each week, you will receive: 

– A concise and engaging video lesson, recorded by your instructor. This is yours for life.

  • – A variety of homework assignments that cover the lesson topic and key language skills, e.g. reading, listening, writing, and speaking. You can still develop your conversational Italian skills. You will have the opportunity to work on oral recordings and send them to your Italian tutor for feedback. Moreover, you have the option to add Italian conversation sessions to practice what you learn. Contact us to find out more!
  • – Personalized feedback from your instructor to ensure your continual growth and understanding.
  • – Access to direct communication with your Italian tutor via Google Chat for any questions.
  •                           All the activities are designed with you in mind, seamlessly fitting into your weekly routine.

              Discover the best way to learn Italian on your own – Enroll now and start your language journey!