Online German Conversation Course (levels: A1.2/A2)



Join an exclusive German Conversation Course tailored for enthusiasts eager to dive into the German language. This course is limited to just 6 participants per group, ensuring personalized attention and ample speaking time for everyone. Guided by a native German instructor, you’ll engage in lively discussions, gain confidence in your conversational skills, and expand your vocabulary—all in a fun, supportive environment!

Who Should Enroll*

  • Beginners who have almost completed A1 level
  • Upper beginners with an A2 language level who want to refresh or strengthen their basic German skills

*Unsure about your current language level? We have a free level evaluation! Contact us for more details.


Course Features

  • Small Group Interaction: Maximize your learning potential in a group of no more than 6 participants.
  • Native German Instructor: Learn from an experienced native speaker who brings authentic language use and cultural insights.
  • Material included and provided by the teacher
  • Platform: Google Meet
  • Course dates (generally on Tuesdays and Wednesdays): 8-14-15-21-22-28-29 May + 3-4-5 June
  • Time: 18:30-19:3o (German time)


Course Program

The course covers essential A1 topics including:

    • Everyday Conversations: Engage in dialogues about daily activities, hobbies, and simple descriptions of people and places.
    • Shopping and Dining: Practice and learn new vocabulary and phrases to navigate shops, restaurants, and markets confidently.
    • Travel Basics: Essential language skills for traveling, including asking for directions and using public transportation.
    • Cultural Insights: Understand cultural nuances to enhance your communication and integration.
    • Small Talk: Practice phrases and questions used in small talk scenarios to develop the skills to understand responses and keep the conversation flowing.
    • Weather and Seasons: Gain the vocabulary to discuss the weather conditions and what each season brings.


Course Benefits:

  • Enhanced Language Skills: Rapidly improve your German speaking and comprehension skills through active practice.
  • Cultural Competence: Gain insights into German culture, improving your ability to communicate naturally and effectively.
  • Personalized Feedback: Receive immediate feedback tailored to your individual needs and progress.


Join Us for a Fun and Effective Way to Learn German! Our German Conversation Course offers a unique blend of structured learning and relaxed interaction, perfect for starting your journey in German. Enroll now and start speaking German with confidence!

For questions, please contact us.