Private One-On-One Online English Classes – Subscribe And Save! $28 Per Lesson Instead Of $32

$112.00 / 4 Weeks


Private English Lessons

Immerse yourself in the nuances of the English language with our bespoke private English classes, suitable for all levels. Tailor-made for those balancing a busy life, our online sessions are the key to mastering English. Embrace a learning experience enriched by experienced native English teachers (British or American), blending convenience with passion-driven education.

Who Are These Lessons For?

Our courses are ideal for anyone eager to learn English, improve their skills, or pass a specific test. Each course is crafted uniquely for you, aligning with your interests and learning objectives. Progress at your own pace, focusing on speaking, grammar, or cultural understanding. Kickstart your journey with a free 10-15 minute chat to set goals, learn about the course program, and schedule lessons that suit you.

Your Subscription Benefits

  • Individualized Instruction: Engage in live sessions via Google Meet or Skype with native English instructors, focused on your language goals.
  • Customized Learning Assignments: Enhance your English with tailored tasks, receiving specific feedback that complements your learning style.
  • Personalized Curriculum: Enjoy a learning path designed just for your linguistic needs, ensuring a unique educational experience.
  • Curated Educational Resources: Access a variety of materials selected by your instructor to deepen your understanding and enjoyment of English.
  • Flexible Subscription Plans: Choose our four-week renewal cycle (one lesson per week) to optimize your budget. Customize your plan by adding more lessons or pausing your subscription as needed.
  • Free Initial Consultation and Level Assessment: Begin with a complimentary consultation to discuss your goals and customize your course.
  • Asynchronous Lesson Recovery: Missed a class? Get the material and a brief video explanation, submit exercises for feedback, and stay on track.

Course Overview

Join a rewarding English learning journey with skilled native instructors. Our classes cover essential language skills—reading, listening, speaking, writing—tailored to your preferences. Learn the language and immerse in English culture, with continuous feedback and interactive lessons for an effective, enjoyable experience.


Discover the Wonders of English with Our Private Lesson Subscription – Your Path to Fluency and Beyond.