Spanish Mastery For The Motivated Learner: Self-Paced Learning With Expert Guidance

$32.00 / Weeks


Spanish Mastery for the Motivated Learner is a customized, self-guided Spanish learning program uniquely designed for individuals who prefer a flexible yet professionally guided approach to language acquisition. This course is ideal for self-starters who appreciate autonomous learning complemented by professional instruction.

How Does It Work?

  1. Enrollment and Personalization: Begin with a comprehensive questionnaire to understand your specific motivations, goals, and interests in Spanish language and culture. This enables the creation of a personalized learning plan tailored to your preferences.
  2.  Adaptive Learning Experience: Receive weekly, engaging video lessons. These lessons, crafted by experienced Spanish instructors, are recorded on platforms like Google Meet or Zoom and shared via Google Drive or Classroom for accessible learning.
  3.  Progress at Your Pace: Journey through the course week by week, adjusting the pace to suit your individual needs. Our instructors offer continuous support and motivation, helping you stay focused and on track.
  4.  Diverse Homework Assignments: Engage in varied assignments covering essential language skills – reading, writing, speaking (including recording your speech for review), listening, and grammar. These tasks are designed to be both captivating and practical, easily integrating into your weekly schedule.
  5.  Feedback and Support: After submitting assignments, receive personalized feedback to foster continuous improvement. Additionally, direct communication with your instructor via Google Chat is available for any questions or clarifications.

What’s Included?

  1. Flexible Monthly Subscription: Enjoy a customizable subscription model, designed to accommodate your individual learning needs.
  2.  Weekly Lessons: Benefit from four comprehensive lessons each month, aligned with your personalized learning plan.
  3.  Pause Option: Flexibility to pause your subscription if your schedule becomes demanding.
  4.  Customizable Lesson Count: Adjust the number of lessons per month on your next subscription period based on your learning requirements (adjustments can be made via email communication).
  5.  Consistent Learning Assurance: This structured approach guarantees that you consistently receive lessons, promoting steady language progression.
  6.  Comprehensive Learning Materials: All necessary materials for the course are included and conveniently delivered by your instructor.
  7.  Regular Progress Reports: Receive detailed, periodic reports assessing your progress, focusing on your achievements and areas for development.
  8.  Live Session Add-ons: For a more immersive learning experience, opt for live sessions with your instructor at a special rate (bookable at any time).